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  • Are the courses affiliated with the Guide?
    No, this web site is independently run.
  • How is the information updated?
    Mainly the members and visitors of the site help keep everything upto date. Many courses also visit the site will correct something that is wrong.
  • What does the rating mean like 3.5/5 etc.?
    When golfers submit a rating for a course it is based on a value of up to five. Five is the best and one is the worst. A course with a 3.5 average out of five, says that it nas been rated a better than average course.
  • What do i do if i lost my password to log in to my member info?
    Goto Login Page and click the "Lost Password" link and follow instructions.
  • How does the course rating work?
    Each course has a form that you can rate 6 areas of interest on a scale of 1 to 5.
    There is also a page that show the results of how each course has been rated.
    Please rate all the courses that you play, so that others may get an idea of what a course is like.

    Courses out rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 is low). The areas that are being rated are:
    What is the condition of the course?
    What is the condition of the greens?
    What is your option of the clubhouse?
    How well does the staff treat their customers?
    What is your opinion of the course layout
    What is your overall impression of the course?
    Each question is weighted a different percent so that some are worth more than others.
    The two biggest are course and greens condition.

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